Endeavour plus size and summer vibes!

Hey you all amazing people!

I hope you all are doing well this summer! I know right, this year the summer seems unable to beat but I guess we’ll do really fine. And it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve written my last blog. Well, as I know you guys have read it, and you know it was a fashion blog about my last autumn; today I’m here, with you all to write about my summer styling.

And as you all can see in my title today, I’ve mentioned “endeavour plus size”, with which I really wanted to put out front my efforts to be a plus size fashion blogger, my goal to achieve, I endeavour to make every person realise that plus size fashion, and all plus size fashion bloggers really take a lot on themselves to write about their styling. And everybody wants appreciation for their works, good works. It’s a struggle people should respect I feel, and if they can’t, least they shouldn’t undermine their efforts and break their confidences. That’s what the struggle with my healthy self is. Yes I’m a plus size and I’m proud. Nobody can bring me lower, ’cause I’d stare at them and show them their place!

Getting ready in the summer seems at least marginally easier than getting ready for winters though, as simply you don’t have to futz with layers or beanies or scarves and covering yourself from the chills! But here’s one thing we probably forgot to notice that, toeing the fine line between staying cool and fashionable in summers and staying well and fit, isn’t always that easy when it’s tremendously hot outside!

Whether you’re getting off to somewhere exotic or going out casually in summer afternoons, under the sun; dressing for the hot weather should remain both effortless and fabulous. Summer is the best time of the year to experiment with your style, as I feel so.

Though my personal favourite season happens to be the springtime, but, there is something about the warm summer months that make me want to dress more feminine and romantic than usual. I’d love to dress up wearing a pretty pastel coloured cotton outfit, be it a dress, a kurti, or a jumpsuit, which can be easily put down in an instant. Or a casual off shoulder top with my favourite pair of Palazzo to style with, and the most comfortable block heels, we can all be ready for any summer adventure.

My ideal summer outfit can be a solid or printed cotton kurti, long or short, which will be light and breathable, ofcourse in a bright vibrant colour to go with the summer sun. I genuinely love floral prints for summer or a bohemian touch, and all feminine hues that show off a summer tan.

When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.” The famous quote from the British writer Caitlin Moran is a feeling most women can relate to, I guess, be they plus size or not. And if your body doesn’t tend to fit clothes manufactured by mainstream brands, well, that feeling can become all too familiar.

I am a fat and healthy woman, who loves fashion and obviously now that, I am a blogger myself, I’m much more enthusiastic about plus size fashion than I was ever before. I care passionately about plus-size fashion. I buy a lot of clothes and try a lot of different looks, but more often than not, my fashion life is spent craving things I can’t have! And why can’t I have it? Because plus size fashion retailers think we plus size people don’t have the right to wear it, or we don’t deserve it. There had been really tough days that I’d spent looking for clothes that’d fit me properly.

You can be fat, you can be a plus size woman, and we too deserve to do fashion as much as others do! There’re no boundaries or so-called stereotypes that we need to break through to prove ourselves and fit into society. People should just accept us the way we are! But we all need to focus on one simple thing. Shout out to all plus size women, never try to outcast yourself. You can do fashion but be sure to do that under some limit. There always remain a few restrictions for us to think about before we step out bold.

So today I’m wearing my most favourite outfit that I’ve styled so far this summer! This amazingly vibrant orange coloured A-line front slit kurti, which I’ve bought from MYNTRA.COM and though black is not really a summer colour, I strictly forbid all my fellow fashionistas to never style yourselves with anything black, as it will suck all energy out of you, unless your favourite colour is black ofcourse! A good laugh on that, ladies!

Yes so I’m wearing a black jeggings to match with the orange and also that my kurti itself is lined with black borders, because of which I thought black was a better contrast for me. I love carrying my backpack absolutely anywhere I go, and I style it with everything! To my amaze, the brilliant tan colour goes with every hue, on fleek! So I added my backpack too as we all need to carry summer essentials when we go out during this burning summer!

To list,

  • Orange A-line cotton crepe front slit, quarter sleeved, v-neck kurti, from Myntra.
  • Black Jeggings, from fbb.
  • Black two part block heels, from Club factory.
  • Tan bucket backpack, from Amazon.
  • Classic black strap watch, from Titan sonata.
  • Orange oxidised tassel earrings, from a friend of mine, who has a business account in instagram (Lahari).
  • Black clubmaster sunglasses, from Amazon.

I kept the makeover really simple, as it is very troublesome to wear heavy makeup. However we all know there are products which are really light weight, but if you are having oily skin, like I do, then never opt for a heavy makeup during summers. I wore my regular foundation, a bit of contouring and eyeliners. Lipstick is something we wear even if we go out for 2minutes, and so in that context, I never leave a natural nude lip. Today I wore my Kylie velvet lip collection shade, named 22. And I love to leave my hairs on loose because it’s elegant and as I have less hairs, I look better if I leave it open. So that’s about the makeover and beauty.

And the best thing that we all should carry this summer, is our never-ending laughing face, which I can guarantee, will save you from this scorching summer heat! I loved wearing this beautiful kurti and had this amazing blogshoot, by one of my favourite photographer, NILANJAN BASU. He made me look so gorgeous! This colour is definitely mesmerizing itself and I cherished styling myself with a breathable cotton fabric and had an absolutely wonderful time shooting for my blog. Cheers to us, all the plus size fashionistas out there, and a shoutout to all the lovely ladies who are going to keep their cool this summer and style their best!

Here I’ll be ending my blog today. I enjoyed writing for you all once again. And I’ll be back after a few weeks maybe with another dazzling summer statement. I will never forget to mention again and yet again that how much you people love my work and I’m so grateful to you all for all your appreciation and love! So take care you all beautiful people, keep styling, and till then CIAO!

I’ll be leaving some more photos for you all! Here you go.


The autumn effect, orange vibes and musings!

Hey loves! It’s been a while since my last blog which was not exactly a fashion blog or styling blog but more of a detailed study of my viewpoint on basic jewelleries. Anyway! I’m up with a new blog again today, this time taking you all to the time of fall, definitely autumn hues.

Autumn also known as ‘fall’ in American English, is the transition from summer to winter, in September, when the temperature cools down considerably. One of its main features is the shedding of leaves, and leaving the orange hue all around.

I, myself, am a person who loves the season of fall and winter, where it’s all gray and cold, blended with some warmth and the vermilion hue adding the shades of warmth to the cold lines of falls. The family of red is definitely the magic that works during falls! Gosh the vibrance! Gray is more confident with winters, when the shades of red dominates the fall! From a fashionista’s perspectives, there are numerous colours like, magenta, vermilion, orange, peach, maple are some of the hues which go well with mild warmth during the season of falls!

In this blog, I’m up with some of the trends I went with, during the fall-winter transition, and I’ll be writing about how I styled myself with the autumn vibes, with a shade of red and all of those orange vibes!

Cherry red is always something that we cherish. It’s one of the most vibrant of the family of reds! It’s one of my personal favourites too besides burgundy! It was a pretty simple outfit that I wore here, completely keeping the look the most simple and more of a nude shade to charm my presence to go with the hues of falls!

As you can see, I’m wearing :

  • Tight denims, mid skinny, of gray colour – which I bought from fbb and it’s a DJC (denim jeans and casual) jeans!
  • Mickey printed woollen round neck long sleeve cotton top – which I bought online from Myntra.
  • Cherry red suede triangular bellies, which I shopped from pantaloons.
  • Orange and yellow striped socks to match the combination of colours I’m wearing.
  • And last but not the least, I am wearing an orange leather belt watch on my left hand.

Now, to start with my styling, I must mention about the selection of denims. If you’re full-figured, you know better than anyone that while the fashion has come a long way to introduce trendsetters across a range of variety of sizes, denim can still be incredibly tricky for us, the women who are blessed with curvy frames, basically all plus size women. Finding jeans can be extra tough as there’s not a single brand whose size you can rely on. We always want a pair that will show off all our best assets, without being baggy. I picked up a mid skinny pair, as I always find utter comfort in mid waist jeans! Not too high, not too low, just about perfect.

Clothes can be a way to lift one’s spirits when all else may seem a bit from to us. From vibrant colours that are best worn head-to-toe to the frippery of feathers and fluffs being embellished upon every item imaginable,there’s no shortage of fun being had in design circles. Even the simple addition of a pair of loud tights will bring your wardrobe into the here and now. So always choose your pair of denims, very wisely!

If there’s one hue that screams from a mile off, it’s red. Worn boldly throughout each and every piece of many catwalk looks, this is one colourful idea that actually feels approachable for nearly every bit of occassion. In fact, it just so happens to the most flattering colours on all skin tones, so it’s a win-win. A shade of red to your every day styling, and you’re a diva literally, all day of your lives!

RED alert! The fiery shade dominated the autumn/winter 2017 shows, with brands such as Givenchy, Preen and Max Mara sending head-to-toe burgundy, wine and cerise looks down the runway. From tracksuits to coats, oversized knits and accessories, there’s an entry point for every lady in red this season.


I pretty much glammed up my fall look with just the red all over my body! That’s a plus one! When you’ve that much of a shade of red around you, your charisma glows and it ends up dazzling everyone’s eyes you’re in front of. That was totally the scene in my case! This beautiful cherry red is always a pleasure for every kind of skin tones! I’m not that fair, a little bronze kind of nude I’ve got as my complexion. This cherry red gave me the perfect amount of orange vibes!

Now to talk about my makeup, I kept it quite handy and simple.

  • A bit of face fixation, to cover my dark circles, pores and acne – with casual foundation, concealer, compact, contouring and peach blush on my cheeks.
  • For my lips, I applied Lakme absolute liquid shine (Rose shine is the colour) and blended with my Kylie nude shade! The mixture always results into something breathtaking!
  • To keep more of a nude eye, I applied HUDA beauty’s rose gold textured eyeshadow edition(I used the mattes and not the shimmers). And applied Lakme Insta liners with a winged line.

This pretty much sums up my perfect look for the autumn outings. I have described all the little to littlest details about how to look trendy and carry all the fashion along with you so that the perfect shade of red and the orange vibes line up perfectly throughout the season of fall! Be confident and glam up falls and winters with diva style!

Note that, all of my makeup details I have stated earlier in my blog named “that traditional date night with him”. For preference to the products I use, please look for, in that blog and you’ll get the guidance of the products I use.

Here I leave a few pictures which I clicked that day and I feel I looked nice cause I felt nice styling up this look all by myself.

Okay people! Here I end my blog today. And I wish you all find it as fondly as you’ve found all my other blogs and I simply can’t wait to write more and muse you all with the little things I put up in my blogs! This time I’ll be gone for a bit too long, maybe a month or so, but yes I’ll be back with something big. Till then take care and spread love. CIAO.

A notion of love for oxidised jewellery!

Hey my amazing fellow readers! I’m back again, after the last blog that I posted about my traditional date look. This time I’m up with my rare collection of jewellery. As all of you can see in the title I’ve stated here, that most of us have a notion about all and every kind of jewellery we wear. And more importantly I’ll be gossiping here today with y’all and share about my very own personal collection of jewellery, straight up from my closet, and my concept of oxidised jewellery, being an integral part of today’s style statement.

For all of us, fashionistas, the key to the perfect clothing ensemble is accessorising with the perfect jewellery. Jewellery adds sparkle. It adds glamour. And it shows off our own style and personality.

We all do it very differently, some go for street styling with light weight jewellery, again some of us go occasionally with a heavy piece of jewellery but dress very casually. There are so many varieties of jewelleries we carry from day-to-day, without realising how big of a role do they play in our lives.

Oxidised sterling silver jewellery:
One of the popular techniques for adding patina to silver is to oxidise a textured silver surface (antiquing, or antiqued finish), adding a blackish touch to it, and giving it the look of antiquity. The metal surface, typically silver (sometimes gold as well), is caused to combine with oxygen to create a darkening of the metal, the same as tarnishing, except it is limited to only the desired area to be darkened. The satin metal has a softer shine than a highly polished metal, but not as dull as a matte.

Oxidised jewellery is in vogue again as a classy option with all its charm and fine craftsmanship which is the trendsetter, not just today, but tracing back to the time as old as a few BCE.
A gleaming beauty of black silver and alongwith charming gold these days, is often equated to that of moon’s glow. And the fact that oxidised silver tends to match elegantly with absolutely any skin tone, thereby enhancing the look of the wearer.

No wonder it’s back in the vogue as a favorite among jewellery-lovers. A growing popularity of oxidised jewellery has resulted in innovative designs. A major enthusiast towards the popularization of oxidised jewellery came up early a few years ago when it went onto come into notice and finally came into vogue once more. The oxidising of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so forth are infinite! Moreover, the trend in fashion jewellery is also contributing a lot in popularising such ornaments among all female age group.

Thus, the love for any particular piece of ornament or jewellery seems like an asset to most of us, and when it comes to oxidised, that’s pure love!

The trend of using oxidised designs on pendants, charm bracelets, earrings or bangles made of gold or silver has been the most common, which can perfectly match your trendy style and even help you portray an elegant and classy look. These designs totally are the ideal wear for those who believe in setting trend for others rather than walking on the street alone.

There are in fact so many reasons why oxidised jewellery has become such a big hit with fashionistas in today’s date. These are that, it can be found in a huge form of variety, an immense number of designs and colors with mix-n-match of different material like wood, beads, ivory, shells, jute and different types of metals, which generally includes gold and silver plating. The whole idea of any jewellery is to know how to wear it right. The best way to do this oxidised trend is to style your look with chunky oxidised jewellery with any wear like sarees, kurta, western outfit, indo-western or with any fusion wears. Team your oxidised piece with any kind of attire, and it won’t fail to dazzle a vast number of eyes.

Now I’ll be showing y’all my personal collection of oxidised jewelleries, which include earrings, bangles and mang Tika as well. I, myself, am a jewellery addict. I love to buy every new type of variety I come across. And here I’ll present to you a few of my very own collection, and I hope y’all would love my collection definitely. Here we go!

Boho coin neckpiece with earrings.

Copper plated oxidised Lucknowi earrings and bangle.

Plain silver oxidised long tinkling jhumkis with blackened metal.

Copper plated oxidised golden pearl chandbali jhumkis, with mang Tika.

Copper plated Lucknowi stone fitted oxidised bangle.

Ruby fitted golden base oxidised Kundan wedding earrings with white pearls.

Silver oxidised boho steel finish heavy weighted neckpiece.

Golden plated chandbali jhumkis, with Jaipuri design on the body.

Golden plated oxidised pearl and stone fitted Jaipuri maharaja kangan.

Golden plated Jaipuri chandbali jhumkis and Jaipuri maharaja kangan.

Jaipuri chandbali along with Jaipuri maharaja kangan.

Plain yet gorgeous silver plated oxidised pearl lining earrings.

Silver plated oxidised white pearl lining earrings.

Lucknowi earrings and stone fitted bangle.

These are my personal favourites. They spice up your entire look and you can wear these with absolutely any piece of ethnic or indo-western attires, gives you a dignified look.

This is where I conclude this blog. I am really a jewellery addict, and I love to try new ones everytime. I collect all of my pieces from online or offline, wherever I find something new, I go for it. Because adding to your jewellery closet, never runs out of fashion, especially when you are a fashionista and love to write about nearly everything!

I’ll be back again after a few days, with something worth your time, and always up to write about vastly different kinds of stuffs. Until then, CIAO. Love you all and thankyou for reading my blogs always.

~ that perfect traditional date with him ~

Hello, beautiful people! It’s been a while since my last blog. Ofcourse, I’ve been a little busy since the last, because of my academic and all of those realist educational purposes without which they say life doesn’t get set. Although, I beg to differ. Anyway, since I’m back today here to write again about something, which I personally feel would amuse most of you who’ll read it and look out! Ladies, this one’s especially for you! Here we go.

And now, as you may see, I’ve stated the title of this one, many of you can already guess about what it’s gonna be. But I’d love to disclose all of it a bit later. Not a lot long to wait before I tell you people about it, but at first let me unveil a little of my lovelife.

Yes, as we all know, relationships these days, are one of the most important aspects of our lives, our physical and mental health and also our wellbeing. It’s not totally whether or not we’re in a committed relationship, but it’s the quality of the close relationship that matters the most, be it a serious commitment or not. I had a few past relationships as such, happens to be a school life failure, or a lack of communication or just as we might blame it as lack of even commitments? Yeah most of us have been there, I know many of you can relate as well. And since last 8 months I happen to have found a perfect person for myself, beyond any reason and flaws and I seem to be the happiest in this relationship. Which is why I had an opportunity in my short life of just 21 years, to go on a dinner date with my boyfriend. And this blog is all about how had I prepared myself for this beautiful day of my life.

I will be writing here today basically about the look I got for myself only because of this occassion.

A traditional date, yet trendy and all set for your big night with your partner, which is definitely something every girl dreams of at some point of their lives.

Here’s a first glimpse of how I dressed myself up for that fateful day. I’ll be writing now about how I managed to dress up this traditionally keeping in mind every other detail of how a guy cherishes his Bengali girlfriend being the amazing diva she is.

So, I wore a gorgeous cherry red and deep yellow embroidered lehenga salwar suit, which generally consists of a lehenga bottom and a slit salwar, along with a dupatta. I have deep neck cut in front with all the designs on it and my salwar is pretty plain all over, giving the bright cherry red a beautiful contrast with the designed lehenga bottom. The lehenga has embroidery all over and a thick border to do with it and the deep yellow merged with the cherry red produces a bright orange hue at times.

I styled my dupatta from one side which is my casual way to wear any salwar suit, because I feel it’s quite catchy and gives a more Bengali look.

Along with the lehenga salwar suit, I took a chic golden hand bag, which as you can see is a buckle-handle bag as its most commonly known to us. I opted for this golden colour as it gives the dress a boost as the lehenga salwar is more matte and the bag is more chic, it adds a bit of shine shimmer to the gorgeousness of the look.

Along with the styling of the outfit and the accessories, I wore chandbali jhumkis of golden colour, to go more properly with the cherry red hue of my dress and the matching hand bag I had. I kept my hair open, as people say I look my best in it. I don’t have much hair but still whenever I keep my hair loose I feel a lot better and it adds a serenity to my natural look.

I decided to go with some heavy makeup. Not simply because it happened to be my one special date, but too because I already had wrapped myself up in a bright matte lehenga salwar suit. With this traditional piece, a heavy makeup must go about cheek-on-fleek.

Just as perfect to say, and as you can see for yourself, I’m having a complete smooth matte look.

  • I definitely used Mac studio foundation (which I personally feel is one of the best foundations I ever used).
  • I applied Maybelline New York’s fit me concealer and as you can see it blended my face perfectly (as I happen to have huge dark circles over my eyes).
  • For contouring, I used Maybelline New York’s face studio master contour pallette (because I never really highlighted my cheekbones using bronzer, so I don’t use it in particular).
  • I applied Maybelline New York’s colour show blush (I have the rose pink one which if provided a lot gives a cherry colour, and if applied lightly gives more of a peach tone).
  • My lips got that beautiful radiant and vibrant red colour because of the Elle 18 colour pops matte lipstick (and the shade I used is named maroon iris 18).
  • I love going out nearly everywhere with smokey eyes. And here I did my smokey eyes with wet-n-wild’s AU NATUREL nudes eyeshadow collection (I particularly love their eyeshadow as they stay long and don’t fade).
  • And last but not the least definitely, something which every Bengali girl needs to wear to complete her look, is a bindi. I wore a red matching bindi, a very simple one yet elegant and that’s how I glammed up for my big day.

I completed my look with matching cherry red bellies or pump shoes, as they are more commonly known to us.

This is where all the necessary details of how to look this traditional on your perfect date ends. And least to mention, I wear glasses and that’s definitely not a part of the accessories but something of my day-to-day need.

And I would now leave a few more pictures of mine, just so as you can see the look a bit more and check for yourself what I’ve written in this blog.

I guess you people have read it full, and here I end my blog today. I’ll be writing even more as per I get time and evolve myself from all these mere engagements because writing to me is even more important than most other things that go on with my life. But I’m compelled to do those. Anyway, I’ll be back soon, this time about some completely different topic. Till then, CIAO.

And btw, that’s my mister perfect, Shaurya shaw, for whom I did this whole thing and I can say at the very last that this is also a mere tribute to him. As it was all for him, the day was for him and everything else was completely because and for him.

The “Golden city” of Jaisalmer

The “Golden city”, is a city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, known as Jaisalmer, is a World Heritage Site. The town stands on a ridge of golden sandstone, and is crowned by the ancient Jaisalmer Fort, popularly known worldwide as ‘Sonar Quila’. This fort contains a royal palace and Jain temples. Many of the houses and temples of both the fort, are built of finely sculptured sandstone, which are definitely of the colour of gold. The town lies in the heart of the Thar desert.

Jaisalmer Fort or Sonar Quila is believed to be one of the very few (perhaps the only) “living forts” in the world, as nearly one fourth of this old city’s population still resides within the fort itself. From Maharajas to ordinary folks, this fort has been the only home for the people of old Jaisalmer since ages. For the proof of its history, the fort itself was the city of old Jaisalmer, since the outskirts were nothing but the far reaching deserts of Thar. The first settlements outside the fort walls was when the population was growing out of the fort city of old Jaisalmer.

I’ve visited Rajasthan only once. It was back in 2014. With my family of three, that too just my parents, I travelled to many destinations around India so far. And nevertheless to mention that, nothing has been more magnificent than travelling to the land of royals, Rajputs and where history unfolds its pages itself. I’m lucky enough to have witnessed the mighty ‘Sonar Quila’ through my naked eyes and that I’ve walked around the legendary fort. It’s an astonishing experience to even believe for days what one sees there.

When in 2014, I happened to be a teenager of just 16 years of age. I’d just passed my 10th boards ICSE and all my father gifted me was this extraordinary pleasure of having a holiday there. All around Rajasthan, Jaisalmer had this history which I was excited about the most. And I can’t forget to mention, I was the only one to capture all that my eyes see. I’m a photographer myself, self taught and everything I own about Rajasthan is all by myself.

I’m a Bengali myself and the pride of Bengal, the legendary Academy Awards winner, director Satyajit Ray’s Indian film “Sonar Kella”, which released in 1974, was shot entirely in the Jaisalmer fort itself, in 1972, in Rajasthan. It was back then when the city came to a worldwide recognition through the hands of Satyajit Ray.

That’s all for my first blog about a major tourist attraction and my photography about that place.